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Blueberry Sod ~ Vaccinium AugustifoliumBlueberry Sod

Vaccinium Angustfolium


Maine's famous low-bush wild blueberries!  An antioxident superfruit with four season beauty!  In addition to tasty berries you get perky pink to white bell shaped flowers in May; blazing scarlet fall color and red twigs all winter.  Blueberry makes a great accent or edging plant.  Full sun, likes acidic soil, well drained, will need maintennance.

Don't forget if you do burn your blueberries please remember to burn safely!


Hayscented Ferns  ~ Dennstaedtia PunctilobulaHayscented Ferns

Dennstaedtia Punctilobula


A very tough, lacy fern that spreads fast.  It adapts to drier soil as well as damp.  Fine textured it has a fresh spring green color.  It is a medium grower to about 15 inches and is from the Bracken Fern family.  A drift of Hayscented Fern is so relaxing and pretty to view.  The crushed fronds do have the scent of fresh hay!  Partial sun.  Golden fall color is a bonus.  A perfect plant to prevent erosion!


 Cinnamon Ferns ~ Osmunda Cinnamomea

Cinnamon Ferns

Osmunda Cinnamomea


Wonderful "Cinnamon Sticks!"  Always an eye catcher and easily recognized.  The big bold fern that can grow to 3 feet or more in favorable areas.  The unfurling fronds and stems have an appealing, rich wooly coating as they emerge from the ground in spring.  These beauties grow in moist woodlands, bogs, peatlands, thickets, swamps, ditches and stream banks.  Likes moderate shade.  A must have beautiful fern to compliment any garden! 


Haircap Moss ~ Polytrichum Commune Haircap Moss

Polytrichum Commune


The needle-like appearance of this moss doesn't reflect the softness of it when you run your hand across it!  Often reminds me of little pine trees even though they only grow about 1/2 inch to 3 inches tall.  Moss obtains all their nutrients from the air since moss has no true roots, moss plants require nothing more than a firm soil bed in a location with adequate shade, acidic soil and moisture to flourish.  Would love to have a home near your garden water feature.

Bunchberry Sod ~ Cornus CanadensisBunchberry Sod

Cornus Canadensis


Nothing is more exquisite than this lovely ground cover.  It grows just to 3 inches tall and slowly spreads.  Exotic, 2 inch whorled leaves which are dark-green and shiny in summer, become wine-red in fall.  Charming 4 point white flowers from late spring to summer, followed by scarlet berries in the fall.  Bunchberry is still used today in some preserves and sauces.  Partial sun/moderate shade, moist.  Definitely enjoyed in any Natural Landscape.


New York Ferns ~ Thelypteris NoveboracensisNew York Ferns

Thelypteris Noveboracensis


The New York Fern is a light and bright yellow-green fern that grows about a fooot tall, just a little shorter in height than the close relative the Hayscented Fern.  The fronds grow approx. 4 inches across.  The fine lacy texture of the fronds are from the Maiden Fern Family.  The lower and upper leaflets on the New York Fern are tapered with a lighter colored stalk than the Hayscented Fern.  Partial sun.  A true beauty in the garden!

Interrupted Ferns ~ Osmunda ClaytonianaInterrupted Ferns

Osmunda Claytoniana


An all-time favorite!  From the Royal Fern Family.  This is one of the leathery ferns.  A large robust, deciduous fern.  The height on these vary by age and location.  It is a distinctive fern as it lacks spores on the frond backs.  One to six of the leaflets at mid-stem on a few of the fronds will become a fertile spore cluster therefore interrupting the pattern of leaflets on the frond stem.  Likes moderate shade and moist to dry soil.


Laurel Wild Sod MixWild Sod Mix

Nature's Own Blend


A Wintergreen base with a gracious amount of Sheep Laurel and Low-Bush Blueberry.  This one may also have Bunchberry, Huckleberry, Reindeer Moss and Haircap Moss as various additions to the Wild Mix.  Perfect for the wood to yard transition area on your property.

Huckleberry Sod ~ Gaylussacia BaccataHuckleberry Sod

Gaylussacia Baccata


A deciduous shrub often in dry area approx. 1-3 feet in height.  Huckleberry is a great ground cover for thin, rocky woods and often found on ledges.  The berries are black and are the most delicious of its family.  Sweeter than a blueberry!  White to pink tubular flowers in the spring with an excellent fall display from orange to crimson.  Plant in partial shade to full sun; wet, moist or dry soil the hucklberry is not finicky.  Attracts birds and other wildlife with berries & cover.

Christmas Ferns ~ Polystichum AcrostichoidesChristmas Ferns

Polystichum Acrostichoides


This evergreen Christmas Fern has rich leathery green leaves that grow in bouquet-like clusters all year long!  The Christmas Fern grows 2-3 feet tall and prefer humus-rich, loamy. moist but well drained organic soil in part to full shade.  A great fern to place in a container so you may enjoy once the snow falls!  Christmas Ferns spread well in favorable conditions.  Easy to grow!  These are charming in the shade garden.


Ostrich Ferns ~ Matteuccia StruthiopterisOstrich Ferns

Matteuccia Struthiopteris


If a great plume of feathers tickles you, the Ostrich Fern is for you!  An elegant and symmetrical fern with ostrich feather shaped fronds.  This vase-shaped fern has broad fronds near the tips and tapers back down to the crown.  Plant in filtered sun to full shade.  Will surely brighten and add height to the wet areas in your landscape.  Keep this fern moist and out of direct hot sun.  Give this beauty plenty of space in your landscape to display it's beauty in the summer!

Sheet Moss ~ HypnumSheet Moss



This is also recognized as feather moss, carpet moss, fern or log moss.  The low growing moss is easily planted and has many shades from bright green to pale yellow. Works great as a natural garden border or to place in the crevice between rocks or pathways.  Prefers partial sunlight or shade, sandy or acidic soils and will grow on rocks, logs, walls or as your new lawn.




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