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Welcome to Fred's Wild Sod, Inc.

Beautiful Wild Maine Sod for all your Natural Landscaping Needs

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A: Yes, most Wild Sod is sold by the square foot! 
Cinnamon, Christmas, Interrupted & Ostrich ferns are sold by the bunch.
Now offering 8" disks on some products.  Ask for details.
Quick Link to square footage calculator ~ click here  (opens in a new window)
A: All our Wild Sod is hand-cut fresh for your order from private wood lots all along the downeast area.  Fred's Wild Sod, Inc. is not grown on a farm or in a nursery.

A:  This depends on the lot and landowners preference.  There are many options depending on the future use of the land.  Sometimes we are removing the Wild Sod before or during the digging of gravel pits,  tree harvested forests have Wild Sod removed so tree saplings can regrow easily, a planned building lot or homesite will have Wild Sod removed to make space for building footprints, lawns, gardens, parking lots and other private & community expansions ie. stores, schools, pools, parks.  Sometimes we put down conservation seed, sometimes we loam over where we have dug so we may re-dig the Wild Sod there again sooner, sometimes we do nothing because the remaining root regrows and other plants fill it in, sometimes the house is sitting where the sod was! 
Please Note:  If you are a land owner or know someone that is about to clear and develop a plot of land in Maine please take a look at the plants growing if they are any of the quality products I have on my website I would like to remove and relocate these plants. Please call me.
A: Never!  All of our products are hand-cut piece by piece, this ensures a quality product that does not need any preparation before planting.  We do not strip-cut (clear-cut) everything that grows on a piece of land, we cut the best patch of the Wild Sod that is needed and then move on to the next location.  This allows space for the new plants to regrow.

A: Sod is usually available from early spring (April) to late fall (November) with some weather exceptions ie. Freeze, Drought, Flood or other adverse weather conditions.  If the ground isn't frozen we're cutting!  Our weather is posted on the Site Map.

A:It all depends on demand. This spring (2014) is unusually busy and the weather is not cooperating.  Wait time is about a month from placement of order. We are working around the clock to catch up and shorten the wait time.

A: Yes.  There is a charge to deliver.  Delivery cost depend on Sod type, amount, weight and destination.
We will provide you with a free estimate.
A: Feel free to call, just click on the contact us or the e-mail address links anywhere throughout the website.
Fred's Wild Sod, Inc.
207-460-6917 Cell
Blue Hill, ME