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Welcome to Fred's Wild Sod, Inc.

Beautiful Wild Maine Sod for all your Natural Landscaping Needs

Fred's Wild Sod Inc.
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 What is Wild Sod?  Simply a surface section of earth with growing roots and plants.
Resale certificate required for wholesale pricing!
Fred's Wild Sod provides beautiful native plants for all your landscaping needs.
Aromatic and Natural!!!  Perfect for edging, erosion prevention, woodland to yard transitions,
rock gardens, shade gardens, lawn replacement and much more!

Bunchberry in Berry

Bunchberry in Berry

Wintergreen Sod

Bunchberry in BloomBunchberry in Bloom

Blueberry Sod
Imagine yourself sitting on a bench, the sun shining,
the aroma of wintergreen surrounding you, the ferns dancing lightly in the wind, and enjoying a tasty handful of Wild Maine Blueberries from your own backyard!
Blueberry Sod